Friday, August 8th


Stargroves’ story begins like those of many indie bands, but unlike most such starry-eyed hopefuls, this dynamic group of NYC dreamers are making their fantasy a reality. Stargroves was the brainchild of NYU student and lifelong musician Teddy Watson, who fronts the band, writes their songs, and recruited its eclectic and talented members. Inspired by upbeat, unique visionaries like Stars and Sigur Rós, in 2012 Teddy took an exotic three month hiatus to Iceland to get away from the constant drone of NYC and focus specifically on music. In the solitude of Reykjavíc, Teddy relearned how to listen, to embrace the beauty of silence, and loudly celebrate the victories. Teddy returned to NYC with the majority of the debut album written.

The album is built on a full rhythm section that includes Teddy Watson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo), Charlie Rauh (lead guitar, supporting vocals), Bryan Percivall (bass guitar, supporting vocals), Brad Whiteley (keyboard, synthesizer), and Max Maples (drums). The group’s lead single “Hats In the Air” is a deceptively upbeat track that’s less indie than the rest of the record. However, just like the movie upon which the track’s music video is based (Harold and Maude), there’s melancholy lurking under the surface.

“When we were coming up with a music video concept we talked a lot about tone,” explains Teddy. “I feel like the imagery in the lyrics is dark while the tone of the song is happy, creating dissonance.
We decided to make a music video homage to Harold and Maude, a film which has a similar sort of dark comic dissonance.” This is not superficial indie pop: Stargroves is orchestral pop with brains, heart and soul, sharing much in common with the sardonic humor of Emily Haines of Metric.
All the songs were recorded at Threshold Studios in New York City from summer 2012 to summer 2013, The record was produced by Teddy and engineered by Jeremy Sklarsky. Enrico de Trizio also played a role in production.