The Annual KAHBANG Music, Art & Film Festival is a program of KAHBANG Arts.

KAHBANG Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery, development and support of independent artists. Through its programs, KAHBANG Arts seeks to connect innovative, creative practitioners with resources for creation, exhibition and collaboration. Our organization encourages freedom of expression, diversity and art as a means of communicating both individual and community values.

KAHBANG Arts provides a space for independent artists to explore their work free from commercial pressures. By providing year-round creative and financial support for development in the vast spectrum of the arts, KAHBANG Arts remains committed to its mission to discover and support artists, as well as maintaining a community which encourages the free flow of creative expression, ideas and a creative economy.

How We Got Here…

The KAHBANG Festival began in 2009 as a one-day event on the Bangor Waterfront. The festival was staged in Bangor for fives years, before moving to Portland in 2014 and staged at venues across downtown.

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How KAHBANG Arts helps Artists

Every day artists work towards the realization of their vision. Part of our mission is to create opportunities for emerging artists to connect with audiences and share their work. KAHBANG Arts creates several “pop-up” galleries & venues throughout the year, including our annual KAHBANG Festival events. Often we seek out vacant spaces in Maine communities and transform them into workable venues – showcasing a range of artists working in different mediums.

As part of our continued mission to facilitate and encourage artist development and discovery, our programs offer year round educational opportunities for artists and performers to grow and refine their vision or for the casual beginner to learn a new craft.

Artists in all disciplines often need assistance in producing their work or presenting their project to an audience. KAHBANG Arts provides the following support to qualified recipients.