One of the most popular ways to experience KAHBANG is the festival campsite, located just a short shuttle ride from the Waterfront Festival Grounds. Throughout the day,  shuttles run from the campsite to the Waterfront and Downtown Bangor and depart approximately every fifteen minutes.

The campsite offers you not only a place to stay, but is also home to various late night activities.

Camping is open from Thursday at 2pm through Sunday at 6pm. Cars can check in starting 2pm on Thursday until 2am and starting at 9am Fri-Sat (until 11PM). Please plan your arrival times accordingly!

All camping spots are good for the entire weekend of purchase. Everyone entering the Campgrounds is required to have a Festival Credential (Badge or Pass). We offer both car camping and tent camping options.

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Onsite Camping Rules

• Each camping attendee must have their OWN Festival Credential (Badge or Pass) for entrance.

• Each campsite is good for up to 4 people.

• Onsite camping opens Thursday, August 7, 2014, at 2:00pm and closes on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 6pm. Cars can check in starting at 2pm on Thursday until 2am, and starting at 9am FRI-Sat (until 11PM).

• All general car & tent campers can visit each others camp sites.

• There will be on-site security at all times as well as first aid stations open 24/7.

• Venue/Promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended you don’t bring valuable items or if you do, please lock them in your car for safety.

• Please be advised all car/tent only camping lots will be on lock down between the hours of 10pm and 2am nightly. Cars Camping will NOT be allowed to exit during those times. If you need to leave car camping prior to Sunday evening you must do so before 10pm.

• There is no in/out privileges for vehicles in the campsite. Once you leave, you cannot return.

• NO Wrapped / Sponsored Vehicles. Your Car/Truck/Van/Vehicle will be turned away at the Toll Booth if it has Ads / Marketing / Sponsors / Company Logos on it. No branded / logo’d easy ups or tents allowed.

• All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry.

• Confiscated items are considered forfeited upon entry. There is NO guarantee of return regardless of what any random guard tells you.

• Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into onsite camping. Refer to the FAQ’s  as to what is allowed.

• No glass containers, weapons, drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed

• No animals will be allowed in the campground.

• No open flames / No Tiki Torches

• No Fireworks or any types of explosives

• Campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers. Noise curfew is at 2:00am.

• Please note: Camping passes are non transferable by themselves. If you bought multiple festival passes and one camping pass, the camping pass will only be valid with the first one from your group that arrives. This is to help thwart scalping of camping passes and making camping available to actual onsite campers.


Camp next to your car. You can have up to four campers per site. Everyone must also purchase a festival pass.

CampingSpot_IconCar Camping spots are 10′x30′. All spots are good for the entire weekend. No saving spots – arrive together to camp together. One car per car camping spot required – no exceptions. If you only bring one car, you will only be able to occupy one camping spot, even if you have purchased more than one car camping spot.


Standard tent camping in a 10×15 spot. You can have up to four campers per site.

TentSpot_Icon copyEach TENT ONLY CAMP SPOT is a 10×15 (150 square feet) plot on some grass near Car Camping. Fit as many people into your tent(s) as you are comfortable with.

Each tent camping spot comes with ONE  overnight parking spot, located in a separate area. You can park your vehicle and walk your stuff into your camping spot.




KAHBANG offers late night music sets at our campsite’s Late, Late Stage by various artists on the indie music scene. These sets typically run from 11pm to 2am.