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The KAHBANG Show & Tell is broken into presenter blocks lasting 5 minutes each. Presenters in each category take to the stage during their block to explain their ideas, demo their products or educate the audience on unique topics.

Presenters can participate in one of 4 ways:      Share // Promote // Help // Rant

The Show & Tell is accompanied by an outdoor expo, featuring booths and displays from various presenters sharing their inventions, designs, products, concepts and ideas.

Share is a great way to show off your invention, product, concept, idea, revelation or anything else you pretty much think needs to be spread amongst the masses.

Got something to sell? Promote is your opportunity to pitch your wares.

Need support, backing, funding, donations, for your company, organization or cause? Get up and shout for help.

Pissed off or excited? Rants of any kind are welcome. Please keep it clean(ish).

Interested in Presenting?

Complete this application if you are interested in Presenting at the Show & Tell. If you are only interested in having a booth or demo space at the Expo, please read this page.

Info on ticketing for the Meet Up, Show & Tell and Creative Conferences can be found here.

Application Deadline: May 4, 2014

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