Green Festing

5 for 1 – Bottle Recycling Program

Located at the KahBang Arts Info Booth at The Arts District

Part of KahBang Arts Creative Recycling Project is the 5 for 1 bottle Recycling Program, supported by KahBang Arts. Festivalgoers are encouraged to bring 5 empty water bottles and redeem them for 1 free new bottle of water at the KahBang Arts tent on festival grounds. Please help us keep our beautiful waterfront clean, stay safe and hydrated in the hot August sun and Recycle all at the same time.

Fort KahBang Food Drive

Donate Leftover Non-Perishables at the Campsite

Were your eyes bigger than your stomach this year or did you just chow down on too many falafels and pizza slices on Festival Grounds? Fear not, you should donate your left over nonperishable and canned food items at the campsite check point to be donated to those who need it most or if you’re worried about racking up those Karma points, bring an extra can or two for good measure.

All the collected food will be donated to local shelters. Thank you in advance for being one of the cool kids.


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