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KAHBANG ARTS: Learn How We Help Artists

KAHBANG ARTS: Learn How We Help Artists

Since its formation in 2011, KAHBANG Arts (KBA), the non-profit sister organization of the KAHBANG Festival has been working to establish programs that discover, develop and support artists from all over the country. The goal of the organizations founders was to build from the awareness of the KAHBANG brand and create a year-round support system for the types of artists that participate in the festival every year.

KAHBANG Arts Executive Director, Meg Shorette, formed KBA by drawing inspiration from existing arts organizations like AS220 and the Sundance Institute because of their unique ability to provide innovative artist support programs and opportunities for collaboration. To serve its mission, KBA established various programs and organizes various annual events including the KAHBANG Art Festival and KAHBANG Film Festival.

Some Highlights of how KBA helps Emerging Artists and the Community

Discovery & Showcases

Part of the KBA mission is to help connect Artists to audiences. This can take on different forms including opportunities to perform, a gallery or exhibition of their work, a screening of their film, etc. Typically these events are referred to as Artist Showcases. They take place at the festival in August, and are also produced by KBA throughout the year at various venues.

Central Gallery

The KAHBANG Arts primary exhibition space, located in Bangor, Maine is a year round gallery that is curated by the KBA staff. Typically 12 different installations and exhibits are scheduled throughout the calendar year. Artists looking to be considered for this space can contact KBA by email.

Joshua Gass, Executive Director KAHBANG

February 13th, 2014

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