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Sassafras: Bright Light Bright Light

Sassafras: Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light | I Wish We Were Leaving
Record Label:Self Raising Records [ EP out now]

Rod Thomas, who makes music under the moniker of Bright Light Bright Light has a short and sweet EP centered around his new single “I Wish We Were Leaving”.  It’s a brief but beautiful trio of songs joined by remixes of the title track.

“I Wish We Were Leaving” is a poignant cut with a synth and chime opener that sets a sad tone for the whole number. The poignant chorus “One day you’ll be so good for somebody. One day you’ll make somebody so happy but that won’t be me” is enough to make any listener’s heart turn to a memory of doomed love. Thomas is joined on the track by his friend Sir Elton John, who takes a verse effortlessly and adds background vocals.

Following the sadness of the lead single, “She Carves Her Desire” is a bit brighter and hopeful. Where “…Leaving falls, “…Desire” lifts with lyrics like “Look what’s happened. He’s touched by her innocence.”It a perfect counterbalance to the opener and it adds a dramatic calling vocal akin to a Rufus Wainwright tune. Closing the new tracks is “Matters”, a romantic song that asks for a sign that love is true. The subject asks his lover for confirmation that no matter where they go, they know that “when your eyes are wandering I’ll know your hearts still with me and all the times your mind keeps changing, I’ll know your heart belongs to me”.

The two accompanying remixes of “I Wish We Were Leaving”  (Severino and DJ Nita respectfully) are danceable and understandable given the 80s influences in the original (the remixes are reminiscent of the vinyl 12″ remixes of days gone by) but the emotion and devotion of the originals make them feel a little out of place. It’s understandable s a producer and DJ, to include remixes but the intimacy of the lyrics gets lost in the interpretations.


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Meg Shorette

April 7th, 2014

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